First of all, let us understand what is iBeacon& eddy stone app development. iBeacon is nothing but Bluetooth 4.0 communication protocol primarily designed by apple. Eddystone is also Bluetooth protocol but open Bluetooth 4.0 protocol from Google itself.

What is iBeacon? How its work?

iBeacon is basically Apple’s version of Bluetooth based concept, that allows all Bluetooth enabled devices to exchange piece of information within short distances. It acts as a bridge between physical & digital worlds. The most vital features include accuracy, affordability, privacy, integration, usability & much more

The function of iBeacon is very simple i.e. to send every bit of information every now & then or even a fraction of second. iBeacon can be used in ample of places like at many stores say Coffee shop, Restaurants& many more. For example, in a single area say there are three Coffee shop outlets &Coffee shop staff decides to incorporate iBeacon sensor in their stores so such app can be developed. Depending on the distance of the phone of user app can detect it & likewise perform actions like what are the current offers going on, various alerts, opening of doors etc. This is the perfect example of any iBeacon device.

What is Eddystone?

Eddystone is a completely new method of broadcasting BLE data from beacons, created by Google but open to extension by the Internet at large. It embraces what iBeacons can do, and adds even more real-world context to it.

Frame Types Of Eddystone:

  • Eddystone UID: UID is nothing but a basic characteristic of Eddystone that identifies each beacon & is splitted in two different parts, i.e. Namespace & Instance.
  • Eddystone URL: With the help of Eddystone URL, URL to user’s device is sent in Beacon broadcast format.
  • Eddystone TLM: TLM is nothing but used for beacon telemetry.This frame type enables you to trigger different actions, depending on different conditions, such as temperature, air pollution, loudness, or humidity.
  • Eddystone EID:Eddystone EID is actually the component of Eddystone specification for BLE beacons. It broadcasts an identifier that can change in every couple of minutes. This packet is designed for security. Its protects you against Hijacking/Piggybacking and Spoofing

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