Firmware & Hardware both goes hand in hand. However efficient hardware engineers may be but they can’t produce any fruitful product without the support of firmware team & same goes true for firmware as well.


Bluetooth Low Energy is designing a new types of devices that can operate for months or years with small coin cell batteries. BLE enabled hardware is the tomorrow of this development Industry on which hinges the progress of this entire Industry. It can definitely change & bring revolution in coming tomorrow & in next upcoming years.

Bluepixel Technologies has been working on the latest technologies in Bluetooth embedded hardware design field including developing wearable devices, Home automation, Fitness and health, Automotive infotainment, Medical equipment, industrial systems, etc.

We designs production ready Bluetooth hardware that can be prototyped, tested, and made. Our BLE hardware designs are optimized for Power, Size and Cost without compromising the performance requirements.


Firmware, we can basically call as desired amount of software in order to strengthen up capabilities of a specific hardware which consists of microcontrollers & peripheral circuits.

We write firmware for Bluetooth low energy powered devices.

For example, When we have firmware designed for BLE hardware configuration then we can design thousands of models of BLE hardware with different user interface functions & looks.

Our team having an extensive experience in latest embedded software architecture trends and technologies.Also worked with multiple domains like Consumer electronics, Security, Medical, Automotive, Industrial and Internet of things (IoT).

What we Offer

Wearable Development Kit Eg. Fitness Tracker, Smart Keychain

Home Automation Kit.

Motion and Accelerometer Sensor Kit

Heart Rate Measurement Using BLE Sensors Kit

Temperature & Humidity Measurement Using BLE Sensors Kit

Ultra low power microcontrollers for battery based applications.

Why Choose Us

More then 3+ year of experience in Bluetooth Technology

Deep Integration of Hardware and firmware of BLE devices

No compromise on quality of hardware and Firmware.

We offer robust round the clock support over the phone, email and Skype

We ensure achieving great ROI through our time tested monetization tools

We built hardware that keeping tune with the latest design trends and emerging norms

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