AboutThis Project

EZ-LEVEL-PRO is  easily interface the tilt system with practically any iOS device and allows users graphical and numerical tilt information to be available in real time on their screens.

Custom application software is easy to use, intuitive and does not require special training. Designed to assist in heavy equipment installation and levelling, the EZ-LEVEL-PRO also can be used in QC inspection, process control, CNC operations, construction, automotive and many other applications. RED on-screen buttons indicate activated functions.

Functions like temporary ZERO, ARCDEG to mm/m unit conversion, PAUSE, provide operators full control over instrument positioning.

Functions like CUSTOMER INPUT, MANUAL / AUTO LOGGING and E-MAILING DATA provide operators full control of test data storage and distribution. Test reports and calibration values can be easily extracted from test files and e-mailed for further storage, analysis or distribution.