AboutThis Project

BLE Scanner was developed with a vision to help Bluetooth community, developers who wants to build IoT products & applications.

BLE Scanner is used by not only developers but also users are using it to find their lost Fitness Trackers and other Bluetooth Smart Devices.

Main Features :

  • Scan near by Bluetooth Low Energy, Beacon devices.
  • Filter devices by Name, Mac Address and RSSI.
  • Advertise as EddyStone and iBeacon
  • Advertise custom Peripheral mode as your configuration.
  • Device proximity feature to find device
  • History of all devices discovered. Find out which device was discovered when with discovery Time.
  • RSSI Pool helps to find out how far your devices are. Lower the number the closer you are to the source i.e. -25 very near and -80 is far from your BLE devices.
  • Favorites your devices.
  • Explore Services & Characteristics of connected device.
  • Perform Read, Write, Notify & Indicate.
  • Check device compatibility for BLE.
  • Export history data as CSV format.
  • Write more than 20 Byte data.
  • Add logical name of your device.
  • Copy to clipboard of MAC Address.
  • Korean Language support.